Sunday, June 24, 2018

after the storm ...

We went fishing today for the first time after the storms last weekend.  There was quite a bit of flooding and roads washed out, including part of the main highway (US2) between here and Duluth.

Wild Iris on the lake shore
The roads to most of the lakes we like to fish at were closed, at one of them the water was still up over David's knees!  Along the road, you could see the mud line on trees and shrubs showing where the water had been about three or more feet deep in some places - well over the road way.

It was a good day, didn't catch anything, but still a good day.  Lots of wildlife and flowers.  Unfortunately, my camera lens got smudged somehow so hardly any of the pictures I took came out clear enough to be kept.  (Grrrrrrrrr)

The day started with seeing a family of Canadian geese, three adults and nine young fuzzy ones.  On the same pond, was another group of eight adult Canadian geese.  We watched a loon taking a bath, and were actually able to get fairly close to it, watching it preen and clean its feathers.  It was amazing!  I was also able to identify a Belted Kingfisher.

On the way back to the boat landing at the last lake we fished at, I noticed triple sun dogs.  Beautiful!

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