Sunday, October 1, 2017

weekend ...

We went treasure hunting on Saturday ...
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)
 Found this antique rocker for $5!
 I like this picture because it kind of reminds me of my dad.
 I am not normally a pig collector, but these two handmade oinkers just screamed take me home.  I've named them Homer and Henrietta.  They are roughly 12 inches tall.  I have no idea where I will put them, or what I will do with them, other than to keep them away from Charlie who will chew their eyes off.
 I love having candles lit in the house when I'm home and love this candle topper I found.

On Sunday, we went for a roundabout drive.
 We found a lake we hadn't seen before, with a beautiful picnic area.
 Stopped to ask directions from this motley crew.
 This face!  
David said he was probably wondering where the heck the crazy lady came from who was talking to them.

 Our welcome home gang.  
Lucy is in the window seat, and later on the top bench in the pink collar.
Lucy turned one today.  Hard to believe an entire year has gone by.

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  1. Not only did you go treasure hunting, you found some gems. Both at home and away.


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