Monday, September 4, 2017

road trip

 oh hi there.  just me. we went on a road trip last weekend to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
it took a while. i got bored.
 i don't know who wendy is, but i love her fries and want to marry her
 this is me catching up on all the local gossip and even some from other places.
 on the way home again. mom was happy to have coffee.
 are we there yet?
 that's me and Dad.
 ohkay. road trips aren't that exciting after all.
finally home. 
this is the nap spot mom made me in the kitchen under the desk she is using for now as a kitchen island. i kept getting in the way, so she put pillows under here so i would stay out of the way. unfortunately, gracie and lucy like to nap there too, so we kind of have to fight over who gets there first.
they have their own box to sleep in so i don't understand why they keep wanting to sleep in my spots
even the spot under the desk mom uses for her computer has a spot just for me, but gracie keep stealing it. mom wonders why i'm always growling at them.  now you know.

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