Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday ...

Before and after colors ...
 Back in the day of Donnie Osmond's purple socks, I had a bedroom painted this shade of purple. 
Fortunately for David, I outgrew that crush.
The new paint color is called Starched Linen and is hard to describe. It is sort of a gray tan.
 Below is the reading/writing corner I teased about on Sunday.  I'm going to look for a comfy chair and a small desk I can use for my laptop.
 This blue was the color inside the closet of the spare room, and the yellow was the actual room.
 It is now the same color as the master bedroom and will be David's music room. (and yes, wood floors!!!) I will need to find rugs for both rooms, some kind of stool he will be comfortable on, and a table or two.  I'm looking at thrift-store and yard-sale decorating the majority of the house.
 The picture below is actually the "dining room" ~ my future craft room ~ but the paneling is what two walls in the living room looked like.
 They've now been painted ~ Almond Bisque ~ and really lighten and brighten the room. The window below will have soft green roman shade style curtains on them (because ... free!). 
 This is the textured glass in the front window, a "buttons and bows" Depression style glass.  It is the window that the lace curtains will go on.
These open shelves are in the kitchen.  I'm going to look for a piece of fabric to put on the back wall, something in a soft blue gray to match the floor tiles that will tie in with the era of the house when it was originally built. 
Fabric A
Fabric B
I'm trying to decide between fabric A  or fabric B 
 because I'd like to be able to tie in the floor tile color, but also really break up all that white in the kitchen. I want to stay somewhat close to fabric similar to the age of the house.  I'm leaning towards A, although B does give some variety.  In either case, I'm ordering enough to sew kitchen window curtains also, so it needs to be something that won't make me sick of looking at it.  I'm kind of leaning towards A.

 The upstairs bedrooms and the entry have ceiling light fixtures in the style below.  I  would like to find a piece of frosted glass to cover them since the center hole is for the screw and post.
Below is the heat vent grate in the bathroom.
 Which has a cast iron claw foot tub!!!!!
The old wall color of the bathroom is on the right, with the first coat of the new on the left. It will probably take 3 coats of paint to cover 20 years of yuck.
This window is half way up the stairs and catches the morning light blindingly bright.  I found another pair of lace curtains for it to help filter some of the light.
I think instead of a tension rod, I will put a curtain rod up.

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