Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday ...

teasers of future projects...

A garage needed to be torn down on the property, and I was able to have them salvage some things inside of it.  This antique mirror is one of them.  I'll sand the wood down and clean the glass.
 These next two pictures are of several projects.  The first shows some windows ~ the black framed one will become a memo board.  I'll put a cork sheet on one of the panes, and then back the other with white paper and make it a "whiteboard" for markers.  
Behind it is a larger window that has one missing glass pane.  It will become the top for a hothouse seed starter garden when I replace the missing piece of glass.
 Behind the windows are two solid oak doors that were probably original to the house.  One will be sanded, legs with wheeled casters added, and a glass or plexiglass top put on it so it can become a kitchen "table" since there is no countertop workspace.  The other will be sanded and a glass or plexiglass top added to become a craft table for me to spread out on.  I'll look for two 2-drawer filing cabinets that I can set it on.
 These pieces of wood will be turned into raised gardens and the frame for the hothouse.
 The hand cut/carved piece below was still screwed into the wall in the "root pantry" off the kitchen (unheated, the room was once used to store home-canned foods). I think at one time it was used to support a shelf.  It will be staying with the family.

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