Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday's walk ...

Saw this beautiful butterfly bush by the meditation center. No butterflies though because we still have some rain in the forecast.
 A mushroom on the library's lawn looked like it was waving.
 The new lion at the library.
 This scary looking tool was found in a box of free kitchen items after a yard sale.  It was quite perplexing as to what it could be (and to be totally honest, made my husband more than a little uncomfortable to consider what it could be used for ~I told him to relax ~ I gave up my dreams of being a dominatrix a long time ago when Grissom left the original CSI series. Lady Heather just seemed so unhappy with her life.)
Fortunately, a search on Bing for antique kitchen tools turned up the picture below, and as it turns out, it isn't even an antique.
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  1. Now that IS a scary looking implement. It seems there is a gadget for everything. I wonder who buys them...

  2. That is funny, your poor hubby. :-)

    I love soft boiled eggs, they were popular in Europe, too. But I ain't never seen that. Very cool find.


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