Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday ...

First this.
Meet the twins, Fred (in the foreground) & George (in the rear), and in the lower left, Fudge (RIP Cornelius).
They don't know it yet, but their view of the world is about to change. 
Well, I'm not sure Fudge would notice, but Fred & George probably will.

We are moving again. 
(heavy sigh, but a happy heavy sigh)
The house we will be renting is almost 100 years old if not that.  So this past weekend we have been helping to repaint the inside before we move in.  Pictures will follow, but first, some pictures of my recent finds for decorating once we get in.

These are three lace curtain panels I found for $1 a panel (I know, right?!?!?!).  I stained them with strong tea and coffee to give them a vintage look. They will go in the front window (which has some amazing Depression-era antique glass in it, but more later in the week).
 An antique coffee grinder I picked up at a yard sale around the corner on Saturday.
 This morning, they had several boxes marked "free" on the side of the road and so I picked up some fun treasures, including a copy of Huckleberry Finn (for which some child owes a significant amount of late dues).  The cover was completely separate from the book and there was no binding or back cover, so I will probably take pages from the book to make a d√©coupage art project or bookmarks.
 Originally I was going to make a bookmark from the binding below since it is kinda how I feel when my writing muse kicks in, but instead, I will put it on a shelf in my reading/writing corner of the bedroom (another exciting thing to follow soon with pictures!!!).
 I also picked up a box full of beautiful glassware. Crystal. Antique. Gorgeous!!!!! I'm not sure what I will do with all of it since we don't drink fancy liqueurs or cordials. Probably use some to hold jewelry, others for votive candles, or whatever cool idea Pinterest inspires me to use them for.
A candy dish (with a chip on its shoulder ~ bwahahahahaha!) (okay. sorry. I'm tired.)
 Two pieces ~ a hurricane candle holder.
 A massive brandy snifter that will become a mini garden
 This set had only one large dinner plate, but two each of the other sizes. One may become a pocket change dish for David, another a utensil drip plate on the stove.
These are before and after (cleaning) pictures of a small Catholic medallion that was almost unseen in the bottom of the box of glassware. I think it is made of bronze or brass and was made in Italy. 
 Also in the box, no names or dates on any of them, were these pictures and two remembrance cards.
 The remembrance cards are a husband and wife who died 11 years apart.  I'm trying to track down any living relatives to see if I can send to them and if maybe they can identify any of the people in the pictures.


  1. Moving again? Good luck. Don't tire yourself out.
    Love your finds - the glasswear in particular. And water/juice taste just fine from fancy glasses.

  2. I cannot!! wait to see the house. And your treasures - gorgeous! The glasses are just beautiful. A big wotcher to Fred and George, a tip of the hat to Fudge (remember, he wore the green bowler hat?). Not this weekend, but next is Geekfest. I have over 200 trivia questions, and I still need to get to Deathly Hallows. Thought I'd have enough time. Gonna be a long weekend. Cannot wait to see the house!


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