Thursday, August 3, 2017

odds 'n ends

First this...
a robin built a nest on a wire, anchored on one side to the wall by mud (which if you didn't know is a pretty common material in all robin nests I've found). I never saw any activity in the nest this spring, so it was either built last year, or the robins decided it was too risky of a location after all. It really wouldn't give the baby birds much room for error when those flying lessons started.
 Sunflowers in the neighbor's yard
 This beauty is one of 1400 species of Sphinx moth.
 And finally this ...
The old school house I work in has a janitor's closet on the main floor with this sink in it. In the lower part of the picture is what looks like a stirrup, but it is actually what controls turning the water on or off while you are using the sink. Move it to the left and the water comes on, to the right it goes off, and somewhere in-between you can find that sweet spot where you aren't blasting water all over yourself (and yes, I speak from personal experience)
I thought it was an antique contraption given the age of the building, but when I was researching it I found out that they still make similar sinks out of steel for hospital surgical centers.
I would actually love to have one in a laundry or mud room that would make it so much easier to wash the dog.  I'd also like one outside for gardening, and for cleaning fish. 


  1. Odds and ends are the building blocks for our days aren't they?

  2. Holy crap, that moth! Scary!


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