Saturday, August 26, 2017

flowers ...

I was a bit discouraged earlier this week when I saw fall colored leaves on one of the trees along my drive from work. Fall. Leaves. Where did summer go?  Our temperatures have dropped 20-30 degrees from last week, which I'm sort of grateful for because it can be so hot when there is no air conditioning in the house (and I'm still at that flashy stage of life).

I happened to be downtown earlier in the week for a meeting and stopped to take pictures at a small public garden when I arrived early. (clicking the pictures will open a pop-up where you can see them larger, and maybe not with the cheater reader glasses I require!)
The bees are still active and loved the garden as much as I did.
 I'd seen ornamental lettuce in magazine pictures, but didn't expect it to be so beautiful.
 I just love lamb's ear!
 Even the butterflies were still busy and willing to pose for a picture.

 The alien flowers in our backyard are finally revealing themselves!
 I had to find something other than my tacky scrap wood border around them to keep them from being mowed under again.  Next spring, a proper fence around them and the rose bush, with some mulch on the ground.

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