Monday, July 3, 2017

Treasure hunting ...

Did I mention I have a little attention deficit? Most of the time it shows only if there is a dog (puppy, cat, kitten, horse, cow, bird, flower ... the list goes on) that enters my limited field of vision. Feathers will trigger it also, and so this afternoon I was walking the dogs when a feather caught my eye. When I bent to pick it up, a piece of broken pottery caught my eye and well ... one thing leads to another.

That was the piece that has the lily of the valley flowers on it, and it is now destined to become a pendant [like these] (for which my women cousins that received them as gifts have yet to acknowledge or thank me for by the way ... where is Miss Manners? I think I'm actually more surprised and disappointed than hurt anymore).

The other pieces probably will become part of mosaic garden stepping stones in time. But I decided to go back and look for more with one of my trusty treasure hunting bags (thank you Walmart) because broken pottery has sharp, pointy pieces which hurt in my jeans pocket (duh).

They were on or near a large pile of rubble just down the street, which I think was dumped as part of some road excavation for new sewer and water lines to a medical clinic being built.  I'd not ever paid any attention to it, and if not for the feather (which somehow vanished out of my pocket) I probably wouldn't have.  I scoured the pile for other pieces and three broken fingernails, and a small gash I later found a few treasures. The cut glass pieces may become other pendants or part of a windchime in the future. The rest more pieces for garden stepping stones.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of obsidian rocks in the pile, but those are for another day or project. I don't want to get in trouble for completely displacing the pile by digging through it, but I'm tempted.  Instead, I've made a mental sticky note (actually more of a real sticky note in my day planner since I'm a little absent-minded and easily distracted) to go search the pile again after each heavy rain we get.

I recently found out a niece has spent part of her summer working on an archaeological dig site in Portugal (excited for her and a tiny bit jealous!) History fascinates me, and being able to hold tangible pieces that are links to the past really intrigues me. One of my favorite parts of my Rhine and Danube River cruises were the museums, especially the Roman-German Museum in Koln.  It was amazing to see bits and pieces of the lives of people during that time and realize just how far the Romans traveled, and the influences they have had on various cultures.

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  1. You are so not alone in being easily distractible. And awed by tangible history links. And feathers.


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