Thursday, July 6, 2017

spreading the joy

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once upon a time, this was my morning view
Here's a secret ... I have a lottery list.

I've scribbled things in the last pages of journals for years. Sometimes the list is call my "If Money Were No Object" list since I don't play the lottery often enough to really be able to call it a lottery list. (note to self ~ add play the lottery to my current lottery list)

For a short while after my father died and his house sold, I was single and able to live as if money were no object.  I probably should have saved and invested more, but that's one of those 20/20 hindsight lessons. After watching him suffer for six months and feeling my own tiny version of 9/11 PTSD, I was rather nonchalant when it came to the future.

Life is too short and sometimes you just have to live it and not let it pass you by.

I gave to organizations I knew made a difference. I anonymously bought meals for other tables at restaurants. I bought unique pieces of jewelry then donated them to silent auctions to raise funds for something I believed in. I helped to build a house for a disabled veteran. At drive-thru fast food restaurants, I paid the meals for every car behind me.

When I look at my "wish list" now, it looks a lot like the things that I used to do, only closer to home.

1. Make sure Mom never has to scrimp for groceries at the end of the month.
2. Buy Momma a reliable vehicle and a piece of land to park her home on wheels.
3. Buy the boys (steps and nephews) reliable trucks, and open trust funds for them to go to any college they want.
4. Buy a little house on a Georgia beach that all the "women-folk" (ya'll know who you are) have a key to, and an open invitation to just get away and restore some of our inner mermaids.
4. Buy the husband and me a little house in town to make getting to work in the winter less of a snow fight, and a cabin on acres of land for all the other seasons.
5. Buy the husband a reliable truck and his ideal fishing boat for me to man the anchor on (or just to nap).
6. Adopt more dogs and cats (yes, "more" is a vague amount. but one can never know when you have enough until you have enough)

Sometimes you don't have to win the lottery to share the joy. Sometimes you just have to make a decision that today is the day you are going to make someone else smile, and in doing so, you will smile too.

Pay it backwards in line at the drive-thru. Pay the bill at a restaurant for a single mom with her hands full of kids, or an elderly couple celebrating an anniversary.  Drop coins in a parking meter about to expire (especially in Minnesota ~ trust me it will bless someone!). Volunteer at an animal shelter to walk a dog or snuggle a cat. Knit a nest for orphans and drop it off at your local wildlife rehab. Plant flower bulbs where a home-bound senior or disabled person will see their surprised joy in the spring. Write a letter or send a card to someone you haven't seen in a while and just tell them how much you appreciate them.


  1. Joy, like kindness SHOULD be shared.

  2. Cindi, you give lots of ideas for passing it on! Thanks! #CoffeeForYourHeart


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