Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday ...

Monday, from Charlie's point of view ...
 Mom said something about it being my birthday, even though she didn't know exactly when it was. It was a nice day so we went for a car ride.  When we went to this one place that smelled really good, mom saw a little house that dad said would be perfect for us to go camping and fishing in one day.
 I'd never been to Burger King before, but mom said it was almost like a Disneyland for dogs.
 She got me a cheese burger but ate my pickles off of it.
Then we all shared some chicken tenders that were really really really really really good.
 Mom said we were going to go to a beach where we could look for rocks. She said I couldn't eat the rocks so I don't know why we were going there. I'd much rather have stayed at Burger King.
 It took us forever and ever and ever and ever and ever to get there.
The road was so long I thought we would never get there.
 Mom finally saw the big lake, but it still took forever and ever and ever and ever and ever to get to it.
 When we finally got to the harbor, it was wasn't repaired from the storms that came through in 2015, before I was born, and we couldn't even get to the beach.
 I was really disappointed that mom wouldn't let me get out of the car.
 Dad let me ride on his lap on the way back home while we were on the dirt road.
It took us forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever to get back home though.
 I like car rides, but really wish we had just stayed at Burger King instead.
 Next time mom says it is my birthday, I'm going to tell her no thanks.


  1. Are we there yet crosses species...

    1. Indeed it does. He went into the back seat a few times to look out the windows, but was disappointed that it was still taking forever and ever and ever to get anywhere.

  2. This was so precious. Please make this a regular feature!

    1. I have a feeling that Charlie will be popping in at least once a month.


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