Thursday, July 27, 2017

me again ...

Mom & Dad went out of town last night to a concert in St Paul, MN
 I had to stay at a hotel where Mom said I would go to the barber shop before I came home.  At first, I was really scared. They had really big dogs in the cages outside, and a really, really big one that mom said was a horse. 
 But then when I got inside, I wasn't so scared because I remembered I had been there before in my life before Mom & Dad got me.
It was scary being away from them all night. I didn't sleep or eat at all because I was so worried they wouldn't come back for me.

But they did!  I was so excited when I heard Mom talking in the other room that even though I couldn't see her, I knew it was her and I started to yell her name.  I got to ride in a big truck on the way home and met their friends, James & Leigh.  They were really nice but I couldn't ride in the front seat and hang my head out the window like Mom lets me do.
 Mom said that my short hair cut looked good and would keep my eyes from being irritated. She also said that she had a big surprise for me when we got home because they went someplace called Costco.
It was COOKIES!!!! A big box of cookies!!!
 I love Costco.
 I love you, Mom & Dad. Thank you for not forgetting about me, and thank you for the cookies!
Do I have to share them with Pepper?
 I'm so happy to be home and in my own bed.
I can finally sleep.


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