Monday, July 24, 2017

It's gone!!!

I walked the dogs this afternoon and when I made my circle back I realized that the rubble pile down the street ~ my own personal archeology dig ~ was gone!  Completely gone! I was heartbroken!!! I found just a few pieces of pottery smushed into the clay ground but nothing more. They most likely took it back to the construction site to backfill where they had dug it up.

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I was able to track down the trademark on the one piece (thrills!!!).  W. B. Jr. & Co. was used by William Brunt Jr. & Company of East Liverpool, Ohio from 1877 to 1882.

Ironstone china, in spite of the name, it does not have any iron in it.  It was called ironstone for its weight, strength, and durability. Sometimes called earthenware, it is a vitreous pottery first made in 1813 in the UK as a less expensive alternative for porcelain that could be mass produced.

There is still a great deal of construction going on in the area, so I'm hoping a new rubble pile will appear soon.

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