Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July

I woke up yesterday morning with a sense of déjà vu. There was an F-15 flyover to start the Ashland 4th of July parade, and we were in the flight path at the end of Main Street.

Once upon a time, my Florida townhouse was across the bay from the end of the Tyndall AFB runway, and there were many (many, many, many) days and nights when I thought I was going to have company drop in.

I threw mylazyself out of bed and scrambled to get out of the house and in the process realized that my phone/camera had not been charging during the night and was so dead it wouldn't even turn on. (kicking self). So no pictures of the parade this year, but next year most definitely. We ran into friends while we were there, so it was a nice way to start the morning, however, I wish that instead of candy or water, floats would consider handing out coffee, or chocolate covered coffee and espresso beans. (ugh for rushed mornings)

After the parade, we went home to stuff ourselves on grilled burgers and toxic tubes of mystery meat (aka hot dogs), and then set out to help set up for the fireworks show later that night. It was a fascinating peek behind the scenes for me.

The fireworks arrive in boxes (made in China by political prisoners as my Dad would always say), and so we unpacked and unwrapped what were essentially small bombs with long fuses. They were sorted into 32-gallon trash cans by size in three to eight-inch diameters. By the time we were finished, we had ten of those cans filled ~ a surprising amount of fireworks and that wasn't even counting the boxes and tubes of the grand finale fireworks.

While we were doing that, another group was shoveling sand around metal pipes inside buckets and metal trash cans that would be used as "cannons" to shoot the fireworks off. When everything was prepped and ready, all that was left was waiting for the sun to set.

I didn't have any interest in blowing anything up ~ especially myself ~ so opted to sit and watch from a "front row" seat. David, however, was right in the middle of the action, helping to load and fire some of them.

It was almost like having a private show since there wasn't anyone else watching from that end of the ore dock except for some very annoying mosquitoes (may they rest in peace). Eventually, I moved a little farther back because my neck was getting sore from looking directly overhead for the first part of the show, and I was worried about getting burned by some of the embers when a few didn't burn out before hitting the water or the ore dock.

It was an amazing show, and oddly enough, relaxing as I lay on my back, ear plugs in, watching the fireworks.

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