Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wanoka Lake

I had a blog all set to go ... and then we went for an afternoon of lakeside fishing at Wanoka Lake.
Fifteen acres in size, I walked the perimeter looking for flowers and treasures.
I found both.
 These are the empty larvae casings for dragonflies! I'd never seen anything like them before!
 A path into the woods, and the view from the top. The path led to a campsite. I think I could be happy waking up to that view every morning.
 The tiniest of flowers, almost like lily-of-the-valley, but not. These are sour-top blueberry or Vaccinium myrtilloides flowers. [can I just say how much I love my new wildflower identification app?]
 this is a yellow bead lily or Clintonia borealis

 Broadleaf starflower, Trientalis latifolia.
 These were an exciting find! I'd never seen them before! These are gaywings, of the milkwort family, Polygala paucifolia.
 Canada violet, Viola canadensis.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day in the mid-80's. No fish were caught, but it was still a relaxing afternoon. Then when we got home we both had the creepy crawlies after finding several ticks on us. Ugh. The worst part of summer.


  1. It is truly beautiful. Ticks give me the grues though.

    1. Totally. I had three of them on me! It is the one real drawback to lake shore fishing!


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