Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday ...

 The baby robin in the middle must have been last to hatch. He has more of his hairy old man eyebrows than the other two do.
Our next door neighbors have a beautiful hot pink rose bush. 
They also have this, which she said was a flowering weed of gigantic proportions. I finally figured out that it was an orange mullein [Verbascum phlomoides] which have a tall stalk of yellow flowers that are reported to not be very nice smelling to people, but apparently, bees adore them. Hey, if it makes the bees happy, it can stay.  As soon as it blooms, I will share pictures.
 These are pictures of the trees in the front yard, which I finally identified as being basswood or American Linden. In the top photo below, you can see the buds that will soon blossom (and make even more bees happy, and I read that the honey made from them is "distinctive" in taste. Which makes me wonder if that is the same as telling someone that their potential blind date is "nice.")  The monster leaf in the next picture is from one of the suckers coming up from the base of the tree, and I'm seriously thinking of getting some quick dry cement and making garden stepping stones with them.  Or using them to make an imprint in some sculpting clay to make bowls.
 The peonies have begun to bloom!
 This sweet smile and face belong to Katie from across the street.  She is 12 years old and is beginning to feel her age.  I told her I would make her famous and put her on Instagram. Every day when I go to work and come home if she is outside she will bark twice at me, and I will go give her hugs, belly scratches, and talk to her. We have become good friends.  She has a younger "brother" from another mother (he is a pound hound who is not as photogenic because he won't stand still for the camera) named Monty who reminds me of the Walker hounds I rescued ages ago, although much bigger.  I think he is probably a fox hound mix. But both of them greet me now, without carrying on and on with their barking. I wish they could teach Charlie a thing or two about being polite and not barking.  However, he has a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on.  When his Mr. Hyde makes an appearance, you would think he was a crazed rabid dog the way he growls.
She is such a sweet old girl.

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  1. Critters and nature are wonderful things. Solace, healing,delight.


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