Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday excitement

 Storms today, but it was a beautiful sky.  In the picture below, hard to see, but three families of Canadian Geese. One had 11 babies!
 I'm not sure why the peonies above seem to be glowing. I thought it was my eyes, but it isn't in any other pictures of them. Perhaps they were grateful I pulled them up off the ground.
 As mentioned yesterday, this would be a perfect side for sunflowers! Bright yellow against the reddish orange of the house.
 I walked past this little one twice before I saw it, so silently it tried to pretend it was invisible. While standing talking to it, I heard one of the others squawk in a panic and realized it was trapped somewhere in the shed.  My intrusion caused both parents below to angrily yell at me ~ or perhaps encourage me? ~ to find their trapped baby. I had to take almost everything out of the shed before I saw it on the floor between two tall barrels. It never would have been able to fly out on its own since it was still learning, and the parents wouldn't have been able to reach it to feed it.  With David's help we got it out and the parents were thrilled.
New flower found ... veiny peavine ~ Lathyrus venosus

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  1. Glad you could save the fledgling. Jealous of your peonies.


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