Tuesday, June 6, 2017

seasonal hazards ...

I have become seasonally allergic since moving up here, and it can be miserable. I don't [yet, knock on wood] suffer from sneezing and congestion. I suffer something much worse. Cold sores and blisters inside my nose where the pollens get inhaled. It can be just horribly painful and can wind up making me look like something from an old carnival freak show. In fact, full disclosure forces me to confess that there may be statutes made of stone in some parts of the country where someone has been unfortunate enough to look at me when I've been in the midst of an allergy season.
 This year, however, I have a new weapon.
I did some research on Black Seed Virgin essential oil and got a bottle. Put some in a roller ball with a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil, and at the first tingle of a blister appearing, I started using it. It has been over a week now, and I've managed to keep the blisters to just a few, and not the usual monstrosities. 
 I also got a tube of their lip balm which contains Melissa essential oil.
Both products, I believe, have made a significant difference in my allergies this season!
[and no, those are not affiliate links, I just really love this company and products!]

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  1. Glad to hear it. Allergies made my life a misery until I had a course of desensitising injections.


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