Saturday, June 24, 2017

saturday randomness

I drive slow in town. Mostly because of the speed limit, but also because I'm fascinated with old houses and old buildings so I'm always on the lookout for one I've not seen before and trying to snap pictures before I get arrested for stalking. 
This house I recently saw while going down a street I don't usually travel isn't that old, but I love the bright blue and brown combination and the colorful prayer flags and flowers everywhere. I can imagine several cats sitting on the too small for me bench to the left of the picture, and maybe a kitten or two trying to jump onto the hanging chair on the right, while their siblings dodge the rocker trying to smash their tails as they play underneath it.
 This is currently my tea-sipping spot under the trees in front of the lily-of-the-valleys that hewhowillbesmackednexttime mowed over not realizing how priceless they were to me. If this were my house, I would have already blocked out a garden of shade-loving hostas and other plants, and have passion flowers or wisteria planted along the sides of the steps and small covered porch so that it would eventually be covered.  I think saw some honeysuckle growing in the wilderness behind the house, so that might also be an option, although I don't know of too many shade loving flowering vines.  Around the corner to the left is the side of the house that gets most of the afternoon and evening sun. I would have planted massive sunflowers all along that wall, even if I had to run a string from one end of the house to the other to hold them up as their heavy heads began to seed. The birds would love me forever. 
 As promised, this is Monty. Old Katie's "sibling." She was not happy to have to share my attention with him and pushed her way into our pictures.
While I have no pictures to prove it, I suspect that there is a foul-mouthed chipmunk that lives under the garage. I know it is foul-mouthed because every time I walk the dogs I can hear it say "sh*t" just before Pepper tries to yank my arm out of the socket to chase it.

Speaking of walking the dogs... why is it that two dogs on leashes can't decide to walk on the same side of an immovable object? It never fails that Pepper will go to one side of the riding lawnmower and Charlie the other, while I'm left trying to raise one arm high enough not to snag the leash and not bang my shins on the thing.


  1. That is a charming house.
    Only smacked next time? You are much more forgiving than I would be.

    1. Sue ~ Not necessarily more forgiving. You'll notice I didn't say *what* he would be smacked with. But it wasn't my husband who did the mowing because he had already been forewarned.


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