Thursday, June 15, 2017


It has been a chaotic week and I don't even remember how I got all the way to Thursday.

My brain feels like mush.

My boss was on vacation all last week and Monday.  It is the crazy time of the year for us when summer camps start sending yearly rechecks and research requests for new hires and volunteers. It was so busy that I scarcely got up from my desk the first three days he was gone, and starting dreaming I was still at work.  I was averaging almost 100 orders a day, nearly double what I do when he is in the office to help the process.

Charlie either picked up an intestinal bug at the groomer's last Saturday or his new treats were bad. Either way, the first part of the week were spent cleaning up after him and jumping up out of a dead sleep at the first hint he needed to go out. Thankfully he seems much better, and I won't be giving him any more of those treats just in case they were spoiled.

Apparently, the surgery gave Gracie a passion
for fence sitting.
On Tuesday, the girls (the cats) were spayed and it was quite the dramatic start for my day. I made the mistake of stacking their crates in the front seat of the car so they couldn't see each other. Gracie became frantic hearing Lucy cry out and by the time we got to the vet's office 20 minutes later, I was in tears. The ride home was much quieter, not just because of the kitty drugs, but because I made sure their crates were side-by-side so they could see each other. Lucy's first car ride from the old rental house to where we are now was in the same carrier as her mom, Gracie. But now both cats have grown and I didn't want to squeeze them into the same carrier, especially after surgery.

I didn't even realize I had missed my Tuesday call to Mom until after midnight last night, and this morning realized I'm a day late posting with Elephant's Child Words for Wednesday. My mind has been spinning with things that I wanted to blog about this week, but by the time I get home, the thoughts have spun out of my ears and into thin air. Normally when that happens I can wander back to where I first got the thought and catch it again (it was usually created by something I saw there) but I think now that even if the thought was a physical sign hanging in the air that I smacked my head on, I still wouldn't remember it.

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend ... and so is sleep.

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