Friday, May 19, 2017

serendipitious randomness

 I discovered last night that there is a rather lovely amount of lily-of-the-valley plants soon to bloom in the front yard. My favorite flower, mostly because they are also May's traditional flower, but because they smell so lovely, and I've only ever seen them growing "wild" in Michigan. I have vague memories of seeing them in my Grandfather's woods when I was a child and thought they were so magical. Mom made me promise to send her some in a card, knowing they will be squished in the mail, but that the card will arrive smelling wonderful.

 The planters were a gift from friends, and I've filled them with red salvia and blue lobelia for the hummingbirds. I also have petunias hanging outside the kitchen window.

I finally found something that does well in my terrarium. Mitchella repens or Partridge Berry.

 Lucy playing peekaboo.
this morning
shortly after we got her
 Gracie has finally filled out with some healthy weight and it really shows how undernourished she was when we got her.  Even pregnant, she was still not much larger than Lucy is now and could be picked up with one hand. I think the only reason the pregnancy went full term and all five kitten survived was because she was finally getting enough food for herself and them.
 Detail stone carving on an old school building I had occasion to wander in today.
I love old door knobs just as much as I love old doors.

(Image Source) the original dock
As you may or may not know, iron ore mining was once a huge industry in this part of the county, and there was once an ore dock in Ashland that was torn down in 2013 when it was beginning to fall apart.  The city has decided to rebuild the dock as a tourist attraction, [Ashland Oredock Park] and it looks like it will be an amazing addition to an already history rich area with so much to see and do. This weekend starts the birding festival here, and while I won't be partaking in any of the planned events, I know I will be watching for all kinds of new bird species in my own yard!


  1. Love your showcasing of lily of the valley. My mother love those. There was some perfume I believe called lily of the valley she just loved. Brings back memories. Thank you!

  2. Isn't serendipity a wonderful word.
    I too love lily of the valley. And old homes and their doors.


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