Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday on the lake

Lake Owen

 My new boat boots. I've been wanting a pair for ages because it never fails that I wind up getting my feet in the water up to my ankles whenever we go boating. Old tennis shoes were my go-to in Florida, but there the water was about 85° during the summer so wet shoes were comfortable.  Here, the water was about 44° yesterday, and wet shoes would be miserably freezing and potentially harmful to the happiness of my toes.  Black shiny boots weren't my preference, but I knew the alternative red ones would have been really unbearable, and paying $30 for some that had polka dots on them was just not an option.
 Unfortunately, it was about two hours after I bought them that I realized I'd been advertising my wide calves to everyone at the boat launches.

 This is me at Owen Lake. 
My "job" when we go fishing is to drop and raise the anchor, count clouds, look for birds, listen to the water gurgle under the boat, relax, nap, and dream big.

 This is me at Lund Lake.

There were two loons that surfaced right by the boat and were just amazingly beautiful.  
I did not know that there were trillium in Wisconsin! 
 A field of dandelions on the way to Chequamegon Bay. They just seem to be yelling "Hello Sunshine!!!"
 This is a way cool little island of a rock in the bay.

 Me again. Chequamegon Bay.

It was a beautiful day. Warm ~ low 70's ~ sunny ~ amazing.
Tomorrow rain is in the forecast.

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  1. your 'job' on the lake sounds wonderful. Lol on the wide calves. Sadly mine are evident without any need for signs.


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