Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I'm not being deliberately quiet. I've just been waiting for more flowers and green leaves to appear. I did see a porcupine last week ~ the North Woods version of Groundhog Day that indicates spring has really arrived. (okay, so it was dead on the side of the road. it was still a porcupine out of hibernation!)

This will be our first spring and summer here in Ashland. At this rate, it will probably be a sprimmer right before fall hits in September. I do have some herb seedlings started, but haven't put them in pots them yet. This week I'll be getting my tomato, onion, and pepper seeds started. I probably should have started them before now, but couldn't decide if I really wanted to garden or not. If there isn't another freeze by the time I get around to getting the seedlings in pots, I should have a nice salsa garden.

My days have been busy with one thing after another, but I've been making a list of places I want to go on the weekends to get pictures of ~ older houses and buildings mostly. There is one in town that has a rounded out window on the corner with a lion head on it that I just love. In the winter it was just too dark and cold to stand on the corner to try and take a picture of it, but now that it is warming up nicely, I can park the car and walk the block.

This is an old railroad that isn't used now except for snowmobiles in the winter and 4-wheelers in the mud months. It is beautiful in the winter after a first snow, and I'm sure will be beautiful in the fall with the colors on the trees.
When the leaves dropped last fall, I saw this old bridge through the trees but could never get a good picture of it when the snow fell and it was dark and overcast. Now that I could get a picture of it, it looks like it has been damaged and is falling down. It would be a shame if it does because I'm sure it has some history to it.

The other night I busted Lucy Magillicutty trying to get pennies out of one of David's work boots. I told him about it when he got home and he said that he hasn't been putting the pennies into his boots. She has. A bag of pennies broke during our move, and she has been finding them and carrying them to his boots and shoes to play with them. Either that or she is using his boots as a penny bank to save up for her catnip habit. Whichever it is, she's got some 'splainin' to do!

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  1. Smiling at Lucy. Jewel loved acorn shells. And used to bring them home to play with, and put them in my swimbag for safekeeping. Or on the top shelf of the wardrobe where Jazz couldn't get them. She also filched my earrings. And I haven't found all of her hiding places yet. How I miss her.


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