Saturday, May 13, 2017

angels ...

Today's plans changed when it turned out to be an overcast and chilly day. I had wanted to walk downtown taking pictures of old buildings and spring flowers. Instead, I went to a fundraising raffle event for two local agencies.

The first was the Chequamegon Humane Association, a group of angels who help the lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals in the area. They held two separate raffles. One of them was for fancy purses, jewelry, hats or scarves. Now, I'm not a fancy purse or costume jewelry type. However, there were some purses that were cute, hats, scarves, and jewelry I thought would make good gifts for others, so I got tickets ~ plus being a good cause didn't hurt.

Their other raffle was for garden items, of which I saw quite a bit that I would have liked to have won!

There was also a raffle to benefit the local fire department who need a new engine for their "ice angel." The ice angel is designed like the air turbine boats used in the south for going through the swamps. Only these are designed to go across the ice to rescue fishermen or others who have fallen through. They were raffling off some fun items for outdoor entertainment, including grilling and fishing.

Unfortunately, I didn't win anything but both were good causes regardless.

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