Thursday, April 20, 2017


Chequamegon Bay no longer has any ice on it. Monday was the only nice day so far this week and the water was incredibly blue.

It has been a while since I've found some nice boots to wear since I [walked the soles off of my last favorite pair]. I ordered some a few weeks ago that arrived this week in a huge box with a long strip of plastic bubble wrap. Charlie made sure it was dead! I think if we are ever attacked by an Anaconda, we will be safe with him here!
 I got these for $15 on sale down from $80. I was happy!

Hard to tell, but those white dots way back in the water are white swans. I forget that swans are actually wild birds, I'm so used to seeing them in man-made parks, zoos, or ponds that it just seems odd to see them in the wild. Even when I saw them on my [Rhine River cruise in Strasbourg, France] they still didn't seem like wild birds.

Finally ... this. Snow. Again. Today.
At least it melted quickly and didn't stick.


  1. Your boots look great - and were a really good buy.

    1. Thank you! I was so excited at the savings!

  2. Charlie's a hoot! It's like a toddler who'd rather play with the box than the toy. It's always more fun! Cool boots, too. But let's hope you can trade them for sandals for a while. :-)

    1. I think I have a pair of croc sandals that I wear here somewhere...


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