Thursday, April 6, 2017


Spring is making more of an appearance. There are bulbs sprouting in the back yard, and I can't wait to see what they are.  I set the firepit and chairs out where they will overlook a large drainage ditch area. This morning when I was out with the dogs, I could hear at least three different species of birds in the trees ... robins, orioles, and starlings.  It will be a great place for me to sit and listen in the evenings, and I'm hoping that there will also be frog peepers and snipes soon.

The girls are also enjoying the sunshine and weather warm enough to open windows so they can do their own bird watching.

Sgt. Pepper gave me his most dignified profile pose this afternoon! While he and Charlie have become friends, they still disagree on some things. But that hasn't stopped him from sneaking in for snuggles on the bed with me.

Hard to believe that Charlie had a haircut just a few weeks ago!

The bare space under the trees in the front yard is where I'm going to put bee, bird & butterfly-attracting flower seeds. It gets full sun in the afternoons and evenings.

The bay has not yet completely thawed, but that hasn't stopped the birds from arriving. It is odd to see "sea" gulls here, but they have begun appearing and loudly announcing the lake thaw. In addition to the Canadian geese, I've seen smaller species of ducks enjoying the ice-free waters.


  1. Hooray for Spring. And, on this side of the world, hooray for Autumn.

  2. When did you get Sgt. Pepper? I somehow missed that. Cutie, all of them. Everything looks warm, inviting...hopeful.

    1. Pepper is actually our roommate's dog. We had to move unexpectedly and rentals here are few and far between so this is a temporary situation for us.


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