Sunday, April 16, 2017

bird watching...

Image Source: Wild South
I got home from work the other evening, and there was this cute little brown bird, hopping up the tree in the front of the house. It was so cute! and wouldn't hold still at all when I tried to get a picture of it!

It is called a Brown Creeper, and has the sweetest song. When I play it on the computer, the cats try to get to the front of the screen to see where I have it hidden.
detail of a spring crocus

I also just saw a female cardinal, which is wonderful because I just love the bright red males and their songs. I hope that they will be here much longer than just for a short season.

In spring it is easy to forget how really dark, quiet and cold winters here can be. But the other evening I had a reminder by just stepping into the back yard. Snow acts like a sound muffler, especially deep snow in the middle of the night. You don't realize what it is you aren't hearing, what you are really missing, until spring when the snow is gone. Then suddenly you realize just how quiet winter can really be.
I can tell that I'll be spending just as much time watching the birds out the front window as the cats are! It will be interesting to see this summer how many birds we do see in the trees since I think these are chestnut trees in the front yard.  While planting some wildflower seeds for the birds, bees & butterflies I found more than a coincidental amount of chestnuts on the ground.  I'm excited because I found a beautiful fall wreath to make with them if that is the case!


  1. Bird watching is seriously addictive. I can't tell you how much time we spend admiring the birds each and every day.

    1. the (frog) peepers have also started! spring is finally here!

  2. I can't wait to see what you will grow this summer and harvest this fall. And I agree with you both about bird watching. We look forward to that first hummer asking for service, please. But my favorite is the one I rarely see, but often hear, the Great Horned Owl. We have a pair on our property and I absolutely love listening to them softly hooting at twilight. Something very peaceful about it.

    1. There was a great owl at the property I lived on in California, and he would sometimes come down to the birdbath in the summer and stomp his feet in the water with what appeared to be childish glee. Like dancing in the rain. It was hilarious! He (she?) had a mate somewhere, and sometimes we would see him (or her?) with a smaller version. They would roost right outside our door in a large tree, and I would scour the ground for the "pellets" they would cough up with the remains of the mice they ate because they would contain whole skeletons. Yes, I am weird like that.


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