Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend stuff...

Saturday we drove to Duluth, MN and it was very apparent that we have become a little spoiled with small town life.
Overlooking Lake Superior from Duluth MN
Duluth has a population of between 86,000 and 90,000 people. Ashland has less than 9,000. In comparison, where we lived in Florida has about 40,000.

Downtown Duluth had some amazing old buildings, but traffic was insane with one-way streets, steep hills, and parking meters. I first thought they were quaint antique tourist attractions! (And seriously who carries quarters anymore?!?!?)

So we mostly shopped up the hill at the larger department stores ~ the only real benefit of civilization I will give in to.

I did try to take some pictures of the older buildings, but between trying to navigate the streets and interpret where the GPS (aka cranky recalculating woman) was telling us to go, you get just the one. It was taken from a church parking lot on the top of Miller (?) Hill.

If the weather had been warmer and we had come prepared with quarters we might have parked and walked around downtown, but that will have to wait for a much warmer day. (Much warmer!)

It is getting warmer and sunnier (yay!) I put my crystals back in the car so I can have dancing rainbows when I drive again just to make me smile.

The sugar maples are even sugaring!

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