Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday drive about ...

Ondossagon Public School broke ground in 1917, and their first graduating class was in 1919.
The school closed in 1991.

If I say that the long, cold winters can make people crazy up here, I'm not exaggerating.
On Sundays this month, and I think until it gets warmer in early March, there are races on Chequamegon Bay. "ON" the bay. Sort of like a demolition derby on ice.
We walked out to watch for a few minutes, but the wind cut like a knife at more than 20mph with gusts up to 35. It was probably 20 minutes of being back in the car with the heat on full blast before I could feel my eyeballs again.

Yesterday the temperature warmed up enough to put a melt on the top of the snow, and then it froze again overnight. The resulting effect made the snow look as if it was satin.


  1. Satin snow - exactly that. Beautiful, and I miss it. But not all the time. That being said, it was 85 Friday. In February. I don't like that either. :-)

    1. 85°
      I have dreams about 85°.
      Wonderful dreams.


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