Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I've been working now for a week and a half.
I'm exhausted.
It isn't that the work is hard, it's just the whole change in my routine. Or rather, addition to my routine because I'm still doing everything at home that I was doing before. Just in less time.
 On top of that, I've caught a cold from being out in the world again. I'm even more exhausted from the extra fluid in my head and lungs.
 We are still in the midst of winter, altho warmer temperatures have melted enough snow that I can actually see grass in places. I've been told not to get too excited, however, because the worst is yet to come. 
For the first time since we've moved up here, I've struggled with seasonal affective disorder. I know that it is from living in a dungeon basement and not having any natural light. I've also not been outside as much as I had been in the past; no next door neighbors to visit with or big dogs to walk. Charlie is just as content to stay inside snuggled up watching TV as I am. Our first winter here, I increased my Vitamin D in anticipation of darker days and more time spent inside but didn't do that our second winter because there was a great deal of natural light and I was out and about. This winter I probably should have started when we moved into our dungeon basement, but just didn't think of it until I was up to my neck in SAD. Now I'm taking a multi-vitamin with fruit and veggie supplements, and extra D.
 The house above us has two rooms that our "landlord" has told me I'm welcome to pull a chair into and sit and get some natural light happy. The one above is a sun- and breakfast room of sorts off the kitchen that overlooks the backyard. I've seen rabbits back there, and deer tracks so may set out a bowl of bird seed and just kick back with the laptop one weekend.
The room below is a screen enclosed patio that is a little more exposed to the elements (that is snow on the floor, not carpet or concrete) and I think when the weather begins to warm up a little more I might take Gracie and Lucy up with me to get some fresh air.
I keep telling myself that spring is coming.
I click my snow boot heels three times and keep saying, 
"There's no time like spring. There's no time like spring. There's no time like spring."


  1. The sooner your spring (and our autumn) arrives the better.

  2. I love that enclosed porch (not the snow palace). What a place to recharge. Nothing beats natural light. Mid March the office moves to the old hospital (yup, there's a new one ). We'll be in the old Orthopedics Department (which sadly I'm familiar with, kid had two broken arms, same one twice). NO windows! There will be frequent trips outside, hot or cold. :-)


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