Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Where to start?

Cooking continues to become another creative outlet for me. Last weekend I made [Scotch Eggs] after seeing them on the reality TV show Wahlburgers. (an entertaining episode with lots of twists and turns, the best of which was seeing Rick Astley and hey, "never gonna give you up!") 

My Scotch Eggs did not come out as pretty as the ones in the link, but hey, I was winging it. I did learn some things in the process, and have started keeping notes in my DayPlanner for future meals. Part of my problem was that I was trying out these funky things called [Eggies] to boil the eggs. Fortunately ours were a (new in the box, never been opened) Goodwill find for $1, so I won't cry that I probably won't ever use them again. They looked like little egg filled bathyspheres that put all of our extra large egg (what made it into the capsule anyway) into the bottom of the space craft. So I wound up with hard boiled egg halves that made it difficult to wrap sausage around them.
 Lessons learned: use small eggs, hard boil them like they did before plastic was invented, and get more sausage because it will shrink up as it cooks. Otherwise, they were quite yummy, and on David's "make it again" list.

Looks can be deceiving ... what appears to be a picture taken from outer space of snow covered (young) mountain ridges and valleys is in truth ...
 snow with road salt that has evaporated on the garage floor, leaving the image of a terrain that made my imagination happy.

This is a rough draft of the snowman ornaments I blogged about last Thursday. It calls for a Plan B: double sided tape around the exterior to keep the thread from moving off the smooth edges (making me fight with Lucy Magillicutty over whether or not she can play with it); and instead of using sequined thread, I think sequined yarn will look better.

Speaking of the tiny terrorist ...

Once again I have been going round and round with a full name for Charlie. He might look like an Ewok, but his personality is more and more like a [Charlie Chaplin]. From the funny way his front legs turn out making him look like a penguin walking, to his bushy eyebrows and mustache.

A first day on the job in the north sometimes means you have to make some fashion concessions. Before any fashion trolls start commenting, please see the slightly more fashionable flats that I switched to once in the office. On a personal note, the skirt was purchased four years ago when I was still in Florida, still unemployed, and in the hope of "attracting" an interview for an office job. It didn't work out as planned back then. Being a paraprofessional for autistic middle school students isn't exactly a job you want to wear a skirt at (think of being able to drop and chase if the situation called for it). From the day I tried it on until today, it has hung in various closets. Unworn. Feeling unloved. Surprisingly it zipped, fit, and didn't split when I went to sit. (and if you think that is awesome, I can still fit into a pair of earrings I had in high school!)
 I do wish I could figure out a way to make my natural low lights more noticeable without pinning my hair up when I got home from work. 
They are the only reason I can still lie about my age.

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