Thursday, January 12, 2017


It has been a very (very) rough week for me. Too many dark days (and nights) stuck in the basement we rent and too many reminders of losses this month. I've been turning to comfort foods and stretching my cooking repertoire. 
Cabbage is usually David's thing. It's okay at times, but if given a choice between cabbage and ... pizza ... I'll choose pizza. But I enjoy cooking for him and so made it for him the first time the other night. Andouille sausage with cabbage, sauteed onions, celery seed for seasoning. 
 I also like soup when I'm eating comfort foods, and love tomato bisque with added basil and little "o" pasta.

Winter nights call for Sheperd's Pie but in the past, it always seemed a little bland and so last night, I "souped" it up with a can of condensed Golden Mushroom and undrained corn (also drained carrots and green beans) to give it a bit of a gravy. I added a packet of loaded instant potato flakes to give it a little bit of a kick. 
One of the things I learned when taking cooking classes years ago at [Somethin's Cookin'] was to have the confidence to make a recipe my own by tweaking it to my taste. 

 Walmart still has Christmas clearance items, and today I found these snowman cookie cutters, each of them was 90% off 50¢ so I got 5. They will become ornaments, wrapped with my sparkle thread below. The top hat will be stained black, and then tiny black buttons hot glued for buttons, eyes, and the mouth. I'll have to find something for the carrot nose.
After a year, I'm pleased to say that I finally start a new job next week.
God is good!


  1. I hope that sunshine and rainbows come back into your life.

  2. Love all your ideas, and the food looks yummy! I should send you the Harry Potter Shepard's pie recipe from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Yummy, too, and of course, Harry Potter!


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