Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Grams

I got an [Instagram account] last year as a way to market my books.
That hasn't really had the impact I was hoping for.
At least on book sales.

But the impact it has bad on my mood at times has made up for any royalty check I might have gotten from book sales. These were some of the pictures from this weekend that cheered me up.
A photo posted by BenBen (@benbencatcat) on
BenBen lives in Canada and was a rescue. He was pretty mangled when they found him, including having a crushed spine that needed surgery, and so has a funny sort of walk and run. But I love, love, love his eyes. Just so expressive. They say he is the saddest cat on the Internet, which I guess is better than being the grumpiest. But I don't think he looks sad, just compassionate.

A junco dressed to go to the Kentucky Derby.

A photo posted by Germany (@topgermanyphoto) on
And finally this photo. The M√§useturm on the Rhine River. This was one of the reasons I went to Germany for Christmas in 2007. A memory of my childhood that had faded, that I wanted to see again. Unfortunately, the one day we could see it, the fog on the Rhine prevented it.

I probably follow more accounts of photos of Germany than any other accounts. When things (winter, basements, pain, cold, snow, worries, fears) become especially depressing, I can always take my mind back to Germany.

That makes it all okay again.

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  1. Escape into beauty and wonder is sometimes essential.


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