Monday, January 9, 2017

monday ...

It's a heat wave outside. 20°F that feels like 16°F. Snow is expected every day the rest of the week. My mom even got a half a foot of snow over the weekend in North Carolina, and my sis in Virginia got more. I told mom I knew she was jealous of our snow so I sent some down to her. It's not really one of those gifts you can easily return.
 Yesterday on the way home from church we saw two massive "rafters" of turkeys. Mostly hens, there was one tom we did see in this rafter. It would have been an easy turkey shoot!
 My sweets yesterday. I was craving spinach, so my iron levels must be off. Tonight, a warmed and wilted version. Yummmm! I have just enough spinach left for one more salad, so might make some caramelized onions to go on top of it. I've been trying to eat healthier and have been avoiding the fresh donut & candy bar aisles at the grocery store for the past month.
 Our bathroom is a very unflattering shade of mustard yellow that makes me look jaundiced in the morning. The indirect light in the room is not helpful either. With permission from the landlord, I'm adding a neutral color to the walls that I hope will tone it down significantly. It ties in with the decor I've added and the mirror I will leave when we move out. I will probably also paint the white beadboard behind the mirror with the same neutral tone. The stenciling will be tedious because I will do one row with the stencil portrait that will reverse every other one. Then I will flip it to landscape alterations for the next. But it's not like I'm going to be rushing outside to do anything soon.

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