Wednesday, January 4, 2017

from trash to ...

(thankfully, this isn't a rear view of me)

Being confined to a basement apartment with almost no natural light, when the temperatures are sub-zero, and there is no incentive to go outside in the wind and snow (even Charlie is reluctant), and being out of work for almost a year with no consistent or reliable income ... I often struggle with discouragement and depression (big surprise, huh?).

To fight those feelings I often put on my crafty hat and try to "make something of it" which will give me a sense of accomplishment. Today's project was taking an almost-in-the-trash memo board and recovering it with a pair of jeans that had torn in an inconvenient place which revealed more about my color-of-the-day choices than I wanted strangers in Walmart to see.

Especially since there is always that fear of someone with a cell phone camera and Internet access when shopping at Walmart.

It is still a work in progress. I'm trying to decide if I want to add a macrame, braid, or rhinestone belt or just leave the loops open. The original board had ribbon tacked in a criss-cross to hold pictures, but the pockets kind of make that difficult. I debated on the pockets but felt that they could hold a found feather for writing inspiration, or some other object. If I can figure out a pattern for the ribbon, I might find a suitable lace one or even a thin leather cord.

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