Saturday, December 10, 2016

you know it's cold when ...

this is the site of where the old [Ashland ore dock] was, and where it will be again eventually.
 [Chequamegon Bay] is an average 28 feet deep, and has a maximum depth of 61 feet.
it would have to be that deep if you can imagine the weight of the ships carrying iron ore, and how low they had to ride in the water.
 we have been told that the bay completely freezes over and that it is solid enough that trucks can haul trailers out there for ice fishing. it is already getting slushy enough and this is only the second day of well below freezing temperatures.

 the Apostle Islands are to the north (or off to the right) and where there are some incredible looking [ice caves] in the winter months. after doing some research, including the fact that it is a two-mile hike round trip on the ice, it is unlikely that i will ever share any original pictures of my own taking. 

 so cold that the waves froze in motion!

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