Thursday, December 22, 2016

the children are nestled all snug in their beds

I love the relationship between Gracie and Lucy now that Lucy is beginning to develop her own personality. At times she acts like a cheeky teenager, then turns right around and wants to snuzzle with her mom. Gracie for her part, lets her go about her way but when it has been several hours since she has seen her, she will call to her. Usually, Lucy has fallen asleep in some out of the way hiding spot and I will have to point her out to Gracie. She then climbs up to wherever Lucy is and the two of them snuzzle together. (snuzzle = the act of snuggling and nuzzling at the same time)
Charlie likes to sleep on some patio furniture pillows near the desk when I am here working on projects. I told David we needed to find a middle name for him to make him more our own. I was considering Charles Bronson's birth name of Buchinsky because he does have a rugged, tough, big dog in a little body attitude. But I'm sure I would have to explain it to everyone every.single.time and sad to say that there are now generations who won't even know who Charles Bronson was. Charlie Chewie might work because he does have a bit of a wookie look, and will require less of an explanation and odd looks.
Earlier this year I stumbled upon Noise Trade and signed up for their emails. They offer free music and books for download (a suggested tip is highly preferred to help support the musicians and authors). When this compilation called Over The Rhine popped into my email box this morning I confess that I was hoping for some music to remind me of a Christmas on the Rhine. While not what I expected, it is still quite beautiful and not in a Bing Crosby kind of way. (you, Gen Xer, go Google him and watch White Christmas. Stop rolling your eyes!)

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