Friday, December 16, 2016

random thoughts on sub-zero days and nights

The cold has a way of making me want to hibernate and just stay home, curled up in fuzzy jammies, a down comforter, with a good book, snuggly kitten, and hot coffee.

I'm currently reading book 7 (The Indwelling by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye) of their 12 (16?) book Left Behind series. I had started reading the series in 1999 & 2000 when I lived in California and have to admit that the books changed my life. They were one of many reasons I chose to leave that life. I was a Believer when I began reading them, but still remained a "perimeter" Christian until 2012 when I experienced a deeper love and forgiveness than I had ever experienced before.

Being inside all the time also makes me want to get crafty. I noticed a while ago that my moss terrarium was not doing too well. I think it just got too humid with the lid on 24/7. Moss, al la forest, does have some dry days although not usually so much that it dries out completely. I took the lid off and removed the existing rocks and a piece of driftwood. I may try to put some other small plants in there in the spring after it has a chance to air out. These are some small cairns I made tonight to go in it and another mini garden. The "forest elf" footsteps are made of glow-in-the-dark glitter glue that I hope when it dries will look almost invisible when the lights are on, but stand out in the dark for a little while.

This frigid season, however, I seem to be busier outside of the house than usual for someone who isn't going to a 9-to-5 job. We were spoiled with a warmer than usual fall, so the last week or so of freezing weather has been almost unbearable. Our fingers are cracking (and my heels!), and hands are dry. Even Charlie hates it, his little toes getting so cold! Potty breaks are getting done in record speed!

It also seems to have brought out some of a more unusual visitor to the area. They are probably here for a specific sighting, like the opening of [The Arrival] at a nearby movie theater.

But things are happening that get me super excited. I've been looking into grants for a non-profit, [Crossroads Outreach Center], and I have been known to talk non-stop for almost an hour about everything they are doing, and getting ready to do in the community.

I've also been doing some research on an old bank building that they are considering for a future location. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love old buildings and especially old buildings with history. This particular bank was opened in 1886 with the building itself built in 1921. From 1887 to 1933, they actually printed their own money. The bank closed as a national bank in 1933 due to the economics of the Great Depression. They stopped printing money at that time also, probably because it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Later that same year, they reopened as a state bank but never printed money again. The building has been registered as a historic building, and the original boilers for heating it are still in the basement. It even still has the original vault, minus the door. Can you hear me giggling with excitement over the prospect of helping to restore it to almost its original decor? I can't wait to get in and explore! 

I check the forest elf footprints in the dark of the bathroom and decide it will need another coat of glow-glue.

A chance conversation on Monday past also opened a window to research grant opportunities for repairs and renovations to the Ashland County Fair. Definitely going to be a challenge! Wednesday of this week I completed orientation to be a substitute teacher's assistant or school secretary and interviewed to be considered as a substitute teacher. I have an interview next Monday morning for a full-time job with Fish and Wildlife, and then a meeting Tuesday morning to go over what I have accomplished on some Crossroads grants. I make a note-to-self that I really must get the last of the Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail on Monday. I remember something else for the shopping list and an idea for one of the kids whom we chose off the Angel Tree at church. I'm grateful that Grammarly keeps track of my commas better than I do, and especially how to spell Grammarly.

Lucy climbs up my leg like I'm wearing tree bark instead of jeans and bites my arm, leaving a bruise. I bop her on the head and she bats at my finger before falling asleep. I try to type with one hand while the other is preventing her from rolling off my leg. Charlie is sleeping at my feet, and Gracie has stretched out on a floor pillow by the kitchen door. The afternoon temperatures are dropping and 11°F feels like 9°F and the 70°F inside the house doesn't feel that warm. I have a long to-do list to accomplish while David is at work tonight, but I yawn, wanting instead to curl up under the down comforter on the sofa and nap for 30 minutes.

Sofa wins.

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