Friday, December 2, 2016


it has been a week of highs and lows, and fortunately more good than bad.
this little monster below, looking as if she was so sweet and giggly, has been most of the good.
we have been blessed by so many things this week, it has been truly amazing.

 this is Charlie. he just got a haircut so looks a little nekked. i like his shaggy look, it gives him a Benji wannabe look. i wish i could have gotten a picture of him before he got his hair cut, but he kinda hated me most of the time then. he is a bit camera shy, and the only way i got him to glance toward me was to say one of the magic words [treat]. we will be dog-sitting him until mid-January when his people come back and let us know if he will stay or go to Washington state with them. they are doing a whirlwind move, and just want to get settled before throwing him into the mix. he's really sweet. 
the cats hate him.

 speaking of cats. this pair of eyes belong to milo. or linus. or fred. i'm supposed to be looking for a home for him, since he is the last of the four to find a forever home. [you probably know me well enough to know that i'm not really trying THAT hard to find him a home] he and Lucy play well together, sleep and snuggle together, [get into trouble together] the name has not yet been chosen. my excuse for giving him a name is because "that boy kitten" is just too many words.  "milo" is a reference to "otis and milo;" linus to snoopy, charlie, and the great pumpkin; and fred, not at first what mph would think, altho the harry potter reference does work. it is for fred and ethel, lucy magillicutty's best friends.
the three cats that found homes have new names. the other orange girl is sheba (aka queen sheba!), and the two blond boys are mr. ziggy and jj watt, respectively. mr. ziggy came about his name in the cutest way. one of his new people is a 2 (3?) year old who when he first saw the kitten started saying "ziggy, ziggy, ziggy!" mom thinks he was trying to say "kitty, kitty, kitty!" so mr. ziggy stuck.

 this is our Christmas tree this year. i figured that with 2 kittens and 1 cat who have never experienced a Christmas tree, and whom all seem to have a love of climbing, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to tempt fate. they didn't bother the fall tree with all my birds on it, but i've probably just jinxed myself.

 and finally, this picture which i really dislike and i'm sorry if your screen just cracked. if i hadn't been trying to balance on the edge of a corner that was not meant to hold people, and explaining to David why i was trying to stand there (which was to show a realistic size) and worrying about breaking something i couldn't afford to replace, i probably would have smiled, or pretended to be a turtle to suck my neck in, or at the very least decided not to be in the picture at all. the bear is not a Wisconsin or Michigan UP bear. it was an Alaskan bear caught trespassing. kidding! it wasn't really caught trespassing. but it was huge. i'm a shorty at 5'2" so it was probably 9-ish feet tall. certainly not what i would want to bump into on a dark night.

i realized recently that i slacked off sometime back with the month-end "things i learned" that i was attempting to do over [here]. i think things kinda got a little dark and chaotic there for a while before we left Michigan.  things are soooooo much better for us here in Wisconsin. so much so that we decided to turn down a job i was offered in North Carolina. there was a lot of talking, praying, thinking, praying, talking, praying going on with the decision. it wasn't decided easily. 

a wise person recently reminded me that sometimes the shiny things are just to distract us from the things that are really better for us. 

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  1. Missed "hearing" from you! And much as I prefer the idea of Ron's brother, I did get the I Love Lucy reference. And I love it! Not a whole lot of us who would get that.

    Been rough here this week. Lost my father-in-law. We console ourselves thinking of the wonderful long life he led - he was 90. Can you imagine the lifetime of wonderous things he had seen? The most important being 68 years of marriage to my mother-in-law. God blessed them, truly.

    Glad things are where you want them to be. And, by the way, you look great!


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