Monday, December 12, 2016

cold weather can do many things...

first the happy things:
 it can make a polar bear wave at you as if to say "bet you wished you stayed in Florida, huh?"
 it can make really beautiful designs on windows
and it can change the landscape of your yard

it can also make some things malfunction
like emotions 
it can make you cranky 
anxious and sad
for no known reason

it can also finally freeze a bubble before it bursts and your fingers freeze
you are so excited you can't hardly believe it happened, 
as you are focusing in to get a picture of it ...
you find out that your camera slash smartphone refuses to work in extremely cold temperatures
with some briefly seen message about the battery 
which isn't almost dead but has half a full charge!!!
refuses as in, completely shuts down
five times
like 15°F is cold or something

i'm going to stop calling it a smartphone and start calling it a sissy phone

then the bubble collapses in on itself
and the moment is gone


  1. But you had a bubble moment! Yay! Treasure it. You'll get a picture soon. :-)

  2. I am always fascinated by how long the shell of the bubbles lasts. Good luck with your quest...

  3. but i have learned from my failures!


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