Saturday, November 5, 2016


adventurous day!
 a quick trip to Odanah, Wisconsin where we stopped to see a church i had seen the steeple of from the highway. it is the St. Mary's Catholic Church which was established as an Indian Mission in 1899. it is still an active church.
then we traveled to Superior, where we went to a German grocery store called ALDI (i was in HEAVEN!) where i stocked up on all kinds of German yummies for Christmas!!!! (i really wanted to put more than just four exclamation points, but thought that would be overkill)
and i just had to laugh at this when i saw it in the case. frozen chihuahuas!! (yeah, just two there because i'm sure i'm offending someone somewhere)
their prices are amazingly affordable, including their German Christmas goodies! (Heaven!!!!!) some of which i had bought elsewhere in years past, for 3x as much!

on the way home we stopped at the Big Red Dog "flea" market. oh, it was amazing! all these beautiful antiques! things were packed in two big barns like crazy. if you've ever seen American Pickers on the History Channel, it was like some of the old barns and garages they visit. i'm sure they would have had a field day there.
the cabinet (above) was just a third of the entire piece. there was a matching cabinet on the opposite side and in the middle was an open space backed by a mirror and a smaller cabinet that you can kind of see in the picture. it was all one big piece, and i'm sure made of real wood, not veneer, and super heavy. the glass in the door was hand leaded and gorgeous.

the piece above, i have no idea what it was intended for. if it was a table, it was massive. if it was a door, i didn't see any place for hinges or handles. there was almost an entire house's worth of furniture that had the same oriental style carvings.

beautiful antique lamps all over the place, this one on a marble topped table.

these were cabinet doors, and i wish i could have gotten them and figured out a way to turn them into a front door.

a gorgeous matching head and foot board for a bed.

love this screen door!!!!!

a life size carved wooden horse!! life sized!

above and below ~ pictures of a White Sewing Machine.  the company was founded in 1858 in Massachusetts by Thomas White. his son, Rollin, developed a steam engine in 1900 that was used in automobiles. 
a beautiful frame on this mirror!

real wicker, and beautiful!!

 there always has to be one trouble maker in the bunch!
Gracie Mae is such a good mom, but beginning to feel overwhelmed at times. it is also apparent that she's never had a litter that lived before because she is a little unsure of how to do some of the training an experienced mom would do. (although i can totally related because the one time i thought i might have been preggers, the thought of teaching a toddler the simple things like brushing their teeth or tying their shoes gave me an anxiety attack).
she has started wanting to be held and rocked for 30-45 minutes. kind of like overwhelmed moms of toddlers wanting some adult conversation instead of toddler talk.
we've decided to keep one of the two females, they are both the darker orange. now to decide which one, but we still have a few more weeks. their 8 week birthdays will be 1 December. i'm going to take the other four to the local shelter since they will make sure they all get good homes and are spayed and neutered.

one of Gracie's little quirks from her life before us is that she probably spent a great deal of time starving. even with food available to her 24/7 here, she chews into bags of cat food, into a sample bag of dog food i use to bribe the landlord's dog into liking me, and tonight into a bag of noodles. i know that there really isn't way to get that quirk out of her thought process, because she is two and a half years now, and we've just had her since mid-August. it makes me sad that she's like that because i know she must have been hungry for a long time for that to have ingrained itself into her subconscious.

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