Friday, November 11, 2016

pugs and hisses

random thoughts ...

i had pug puppies once before. it was an amazing experience, but did not prepare me for having kittens.

chynna never grumbled to her puppies (grumble, coincidentally and appropriately enough, is what a group of pugs is called). she would occasionally give me a "deer in the headlights" look as all six of them mugged her, but was a very silent mother.

she was vocal when our german shepherd, Shotzy, howled with approaching ambulances, fire engines, or police cars (which was always hysterical as she puckered up her lips, threw back her head to mimic him, and barely made a sound [watch this!]). she would bark at the door bell, and once barked at the door to trick her daughter, crystal, so she could steal her bone.

the one similarity between pug puppies and kittens is that when both run on short little legs, with their pudgy bellies barely being held above ground, it is just as funny looking, especially when they realize that stopping on laminate flooring isn't as easy as on carpet.

differences are that pugs don't climb up your leg to get into your lap while you are trying to type, and kitten claws are much sharper. i may be scarred for life.

Gracie Mae is like a long, slender Abyssinian. her tail is nearly as long as she is, and while she hasn't yet put any weight back on, i'm beginning to think that it is just who she is. she talks to the kittens constantly, and and can wake them from a deep sleep with just a call. they come running from under the sofa or the desk, or from behind pillows and they pile on top of her and each other like someone has fumbled a football.

while they are for the most part completely weaned, some of them still sleep suckled onto her like sleeping with a pacifier or their thumbs (if they had them) in their mouths.  you can't tell where she ends and they begin. or something like that
and just in case you were curious, a group of kittens is a kindle, not to be confused with an e-book reader by the same name. a group of cats is called a clowder (?) or a glaring, perhaps because of the way the light seems to glare in their eyes in the dark.

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  1. In my experience a group of cats is more accurately called a chaos. And yes, their claws are sharp.
    Some cats are talkative and some are not. Love that Gracie Mae is.


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