Sunday, November 20, 2016

music to my ears

it snowed. starting last night and throughout the day. thankfully, not nearly as much as it did in Bessemer. we got out and about this afternoon, and of course David wanted to go to [HDCustom Guitar Supply] in downtown Ashland. music people are their own kind of creative.  David loved playing the mandolin.
these are antique steel lap guitars

a beautifully carved violin
and guitar
i love this oogy boogy guitar!
a stand up bass guitar made from a cigar box!
a guitar with a bull's horn built into it
another cigar box bass
these are mini amps that run on a 9v battery, also made from cigar boxes
i'm beginning to suspect that guitar players must smoke a lot of cigars

and cuban cigars at that!
top is an electric banjo (!) and bottom is an electric mandolin (!!)
i love this wall hanger for a guitar
but i also have a really warped and twisted sense of humor too


  1. All so unique and beautiful. My daughter would like a ukulele for Christmas this year, and I would love to hear her play.

    1. I want David to teach me piano this winter!

    2. I want David to teach me piano this winter!


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