Friday, November 25, 2016


we dined with friends today.
i'm still stuffed.

i took pictures of the ornaments on the tree, and my phone camera did an unexpected  flare on the lights.

it was from kitten kisses.

yesterday while i was looking for a job, i was also unexpectedly attacked by Thing One.

before we went over to eat, we took a drive up to Bayfield where the ferries run out to the Apostle Islands and where the most delicious apples are grown.

it has been an overcast, wet, and chilly day. but no snow, and the snow that fell last weekend has all melted away. there is a bit of snow in the forecast for next week and beyond. but not anything that looks like it will stay.
i'm looking forward to spring and seeing orchards of apple blossoms, and exploring the Apostle Islands. i know it will be beautiful.

boats are all tucked away for the winter, and i'm also looking forward to a summer watching the sails.

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