Saturday, November 12, 2016

a super moon and a champagne teapot

we spent most of the day helping to remodel our church so we would have a bigger sanctuary and fellowship hall. finally, they had everything re-wired and the worship team could get some practice in before we all went home.
 this was moon rise this evening on the drive home. the "super moon" on Monday morning around 6:23a ET will its closest to Earth since 1948, and it won't be again until 2034. kind of a once in a lifetime event for some people.
$3 of Dollar Tree flower picks and a styrofoam florist square in a teapot i got for $2 at a flea market because it didn't have a lid and had a chip on the spout. turns out if it had been in better condition with a lid, it might have been worth $50-200 because it is a [Hall China] teapot
this is David and Lucy Magillicutty watching college football

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