Sunday, October 23, 2016

when furniture talks

a visit today to see our friends, Terri and Mark, whose beautifully restored house i was sharing pictures of [here].
i wish i'd had the foresight to become an architect, or building historian back when my dad was willing to pay for my schooling. i am so mesmerized with old buildings and antique furniture. they speak to me.
the claw feet on an antique bathtub
craftsmanship went into furniture, no mass produced furniture, but instead was created by hand, one piece at a time

this original to the house brick fireplace and mantle were made in the 1800's, with bricks carved by hand to make the mantle. Terri said it had been painted white when they first bought the house, and she painstakingly took all the paint off the brick. now she is looking for a copper relief of northwoods wildlife to go in the rectangle section at the bottom of the picture above. can you imagine all the family Christmases shared in front of it? the miners and loggers who came in from a long, cold day and warmed their feet to it?

this magnificant piece of craftsman style, frank lloyd wright-ish, furniture was found in chicago, illinois and brought piece by piece to wisconsin
and a beautiful tiffany style light shade, maybe be original to the house?

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