Tuesday, October 25, 2016

sweet changes

it has been a bittersweet few days for me
but we have had some amazing and incredible blessings that God used to get us where we are now that still continue to make me lift my hands in thankful worship.
 this past week i found that our new landlord is a master gardener who occasionally gets his hands dirty at the Northern Garden of Life. these are some raspberries that are growing in his own house garden. i'm not sure what he uses to amend the soil, but his raspberries are amazingly delicious and look so much healthier than the ones growing wild at our Bessemer rental.
this is Bella, a mix of English and American bulldog, and one of our previous neighbors. she came to say goodbye to me today and give me bulldog snots like only bulldogs can do. her person said that he has never seen either of his dogs (which includes Zero, seen below) be so excited about a person as they have always been about me. i took that as a compliment, from him and his dogs.
Zero is a goldendoodle ~ one of those designer breeds and a mix of golden retriever and in his case, standard black poodle. the biggest baby ever. terrified of his own shadow, people, and other dogs, even Trooper when he was alive. but sweet, omg, he is a sweet baby. adores me. loved looking for the cats in the windows. didn't want to get close to them, but loved looking for them.
i gave Zero the red jacket and sweatshirt that were Trooper's. a little sad for me because it is another step towards closure. i know eventually we will get another dog, and another big dog, but i want it to be a dog who can have its own identity, and its own stuff, not hand-me-downs.
this is yet-to-know-name cat, he/she belongs to our new landlord and family. sweetheart. lovey dovey. they also have a dog, a little shih tzu looking thing with a cute underbite named Charlie. Charlie is leary of new people, growling and barking like he is 100x his size. however, i have a secret word and weapon. "wanna treat?" accompanied by a dog cookie. works every time. now he and i are besties. i'll try to get a picture of him soon.
so here is how amazing God has been to us just in the past three weeks and how the pieces of His puzzle fit together so perfectly to make things happen.
1. on the 5th we found out that we would have to be out of the Bessemer rental by today, the 25th.
2. that afternoon we drove to Ashland to meet the pastor of a church that David had read about online.
3. we got to the outreach program that Pastor Brian is a part of on a day when he typically wasn't in the office, but he had decided to bring some paperwork in that day rather than waiting until Monday when he usually came in for a staff meeting.
4. he was only in the office for 5 minutes, and if we had been just 30 seconds slower getting the car parked, or held up at a light, we would have missed him and everyone else that was in the office that day.
5. one of the executive staff for the outreach was also there unexpectedly, and he introduced David to his brother, who owns a plastic recycling business, who told David to fill out an application online and talk to one of the managers at the plant, and they would see if they could get him a job.
6. i was asked to do some work on grants for the outreach that would potentially get me a commission when grants were awarded to them.
7. five minutes after walking in the door of the plant, David had a great job and started work the next day.
8. two days later, we got a message that there was a lead on an apartment for us to move into, and two days after that we looked at the apartment and made arrangements to move in.
9. David's job puts us in a position for me to make a long time dream come true ~ to be a full-time writer working from home ~ something i never thought was going to happen

there has been more that has happened, people we've met, and unexpected things coming together. and it is still happening.
God is amazing.
God is good.
All the time.

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