Monday, October 10, 2016

old house teaser ...

a new friend in an old house that i truly cannot wait to explore
a fellow cat rescue'er, beagle lover, creative, old soul
 and of course you know of my obsession with stained glass windows, or if you didn't before, now you do. this one is in her front window, with crystals to dance rainbows on the walls. the front porch was just refinished, and instead of putting a roof over one end which would block the sun from hitting this window, she had a pergola added.
 this window in the dining room, another crystal in the center. i can't wait to see more of her house and her restoring projects (their tub has real claw feet!)
 masonic lodge that i think is now being used as a real estate title office
 need to figure out what this building was & is, love the sandstone!
 view of the bay at sunrise. i need to check the name of the bay, either the Gitchigumi or Chequamegon ("shhhh-waaa-maaa-gen" ~ too me forever to remember how to pronounce it!!)


  1. Love, love, love leadlight windows. And started learning to make them many years ago before health issues got in the way.

    1. Oh, I would love to learn how to make them!


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