Friday, October 7, 2016

changes coming

these are the leaves changing color on the street that we live on. for now. we will be moving soon, to another state, another city, with other trees.
this is a church in the city where we will be moving to. not the church we will be attending, however, but just a really cool old church. our new city has a lot of really cool old buildings, so in November, you will start to see some of them.
there is another major change in our lives. for the first time in my life, i don't have to go to work to support us, and i have the option to stay home and focus on my freelance writing. and i'm thrilled. terrified. but thrilled. making the decision to stop working was scary for me because it meant that i wasn't in control, and i've realized that i tried to be in control of more than what i really was. 
it is a faith leap for me. 
keep us in prayers.

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